Past fundraisers

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“Fiction, Food, & Fun”
Family Book Fair Night

Thursday, November 17, 2016 at Center School
The Family Book Fair Night was a huge success! Thank you to The Children’s Art Lab and Benares Angeley for donating instruction as well as all craft supplies! Thank you to Nick’s Pizza for offering us half price pizzas! Thank you to all parents who donated water bottles, baked goods, Bingo book prizes, and bookmark contest prizes! A special thanks to Jill Muldoon, Suzanne Tseki and Lauren Dubuc for their extraordinary efforts in organizing a wonderful PTA Fundraising event!  A HUGE thank you to Crystal Gendreau and Andrea Osborne for their dedication and organization in the VERY VERY successful Center School Book Fair! Thank you to all parent and grandparent volunteers who dedicated their time and talents to make the night extra special! Lastly, thank you to the amazing community of Mattapoisett for coming out and supporting both the PTA and the Center School Library, your efforts help us to enrich our students educational experience! The Family Book Fair Night was super fun and very successful and is an event that surely will become an annual tradition.



Fall Family FUN Night

Friday, October 30, 2015 at Old Hammondtown School
Thank you to all who helped make the The Mattaposiett PTA Fall Family FUN Night on Friday a success!!  It was truly a combined effort and after paying out expenses we netted $2,440.00 which is about $700.00 more than last year!  We can’t thank you enough.  The success of the PTA and the programs it provides for our children really do depend on the support of all of you.  We also were able to bring a nice box of donated food items to the local food pantry – what a great thing for the kids to be able to give back to their community!
Thank you again to all the volunteers and participants!


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