Arts & Humanities 2017 – 18

The focus of the PTA Arts & Humanities is to bring appropriate cultural and educational programs to our students at Center School and Old Hammondtown School.

Benares Angeley

The Arts & Humanities brings at least one program per grade (Pre-K – 6th) geared toward grade level curriculum. The range is diverse; storytellers, artists, authors, music, history and science. Communication with the teachers is very important. We work with them to bring an added extra to the classroom studies with the hopes of inspiring the students to go that step further!

We also schedule All-School performances — an event attended by the entire student body at each school. These tend to lean more towards pure entertainment. In the past, we have brought storytellers, dance troupes, musical groups and illustrators. We will continue to work hard to find appropriate programs for your children.

December 2017

Learning in Concert:
Symphony Symbiosis

December 14, 2017
2nd & 3rd Grade
9:00am – 9:45am
Center School Gym

The 2017-2018 Learning in Concert program will explore the concept of balance in music and  ecology. The children will explore various ecosystems to analyze whether it demonstrates elements of stability or imbalance. By focusing on ecological instability threatening salt marshes, rain forests and wetlands, the children will identify specific actions or ideas that could help restore ecological balance to these areas. In music, the children will explore balance in classical music—hear how composers achieve balance through the orchestration of musical parts among musical instruments.

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January 2018

Plimoth Plantation

January 18, 2018
3rd Grade

Learn about the daily life of the Wampanoag in the 17th century, as well as their current lives and communities. Students will gain an understanding of the connection the Wampanoag and other Native People have to Mother Earth, their seasonal way of life and their respect for all living beings. The Native American Museum Teacher will show a PowerPoint presentation filled with colorful photographs from Plimoth Plantation’s Wampanoag Homesite and pass around artifacts of traditional life, such as wooden bowls and spoons, animal furs and tools. The Native Museum Teacher will wear modern clothing and speak from a modern perspective, so that they can discuss the story of their people in both past and present times.

March 2018

Engineering and Erosion

March 13, 2018
4th Grade
9:00am – 9:45am
10:00am – 10:45am
11:00am – 11:45am

Our new Coastal Engineering Outreach Program challenges students to address the issues of local coastal erosion through the engineering design process, with an emphasis on communication and collaboration. Students work as teams employing engineering design to plan, test, and present their solutions to limit the erosion of sand from their own section of simulated sandy coastline.

Karen Chace

March 15, 2018
1st Grade
12:45pm – 1:30pm

Karen will delight our 1st Grade classes with her enthusiastic and interactive stories from around the world.


March 29, 2018
3rd Grade

Electromagnetism will be electrifying the 3rd Grade classes in the Center School Gym. Using high-tech Museum equipment, students explore voltage, current, resistance, and the interrelationship between magnetism and electricity. See someone’s hair stand on end, create a human extension cord by sending an electric current through several people, and shoot a metal ring to the ceiling of the


Tidepools Alive

March 30, 2018
Kindergarten & Project GROW

Using guided imagery, a child-size costume and live animals, students will explore and interact with local tidepool animals while learning basic biology and anatomy.

April 2018

Lyn Littlefield Hoopes:
Poetry Workshop

April 2018
2nd Grade

We are delighted to have Ms. Hoopes back again to encourage our students’ creativity. She begins by sharing a few of her poems and their inspiration. The students then collaborate to create a class poem, learning strategies for brainstorming, imagining and structuring a poem. The students will then write their own poems inspired by photos Ms. Hoopes has taken in nature — moments of spring captured in creatures just outside her door — hummingbirds, snails, snakes, toads, butterflies, chipmunks, robins eggs and more!

May 2018

Engineering: Bridges Program

May 4, 2018

In this workshop, a read-aloud storybook guides the way as children four years and older discover the engineering skills it takes to build a bridge. Through hands-on activities, they develop their own bridge models and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different testable designs. As the program progresses, children work independently, in small groups, and then as a whole group to build a full-size bridge in the room.

Animal Habitats

May 5, 2018
1st Grade

In this presentation, students use inference to determine the ideal place for an animal to live. We bring up to three live animals for students to observe, and we look for clues that determine their ideal shelter and food. Based on the information collected, students are challenged to pick a suitable habitat for each animal. Students also have the opportunity to touch assorted skins, bones, and feathers so they can actually feel some of the characteristics that help these animals survive. A 40-minute introductory version is available for multi-grade reservations.