African dancers, drummers put on lively performance at school

The Cape Cod African Dance and Drum group kept kids on their toes Friday morning.

The performers, lead by Tara Murphy, visited Old Hammondtown School where they introduced students to traditional drums, songs and dance.

One dancer, Wyoma, told kids that she started dancing when she was young, and the stories of resilience behind the dances helped her.

“I was very bashful,” she said. “All of the dances have meaning to them. It helped me have courage.”

Throughout the performance, the kids were invited to participate – practicing their rhythm on the drums, joining in on dances and exercising their ululation skills.

Murphy and her group closed out the performance with a lively dance and encouraged kids: “Keep dancing, keep singing, keep drumming.”

The Mattapoisett PTA sponsored the event, which was also performed for students at Center School.

Original article
By Georgia Sparling | Jan 27, 2017
Photos by: Georgia Sparling

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