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President’s Letter

Welcome friends, teachers, families and community members of Mattapoisett. Thank you for your interest in exploring our website! We hope that you will enjoy discovering some of the many incredible past efforts of the Mattapoisett PTA as well as getting a glimpse of some of our upcoming winter events.

We hope that you will join us at our meeting on Monday night, February 6th, at 7:00 in the Center School conference room and we look forward to sharing ideas. Check us out on facebook or e-mail us at ptamattapoisett@gmail.com so that we can assist you in any way.

Thank you in advance for considering joining us at a meeting, or volunteering some of your time, and sharing your special talents. You are an asset to the Mattapoisett PTA and we value your time, ideas, and support. Together we can enhance our children’s school experience!

Courtney Higgins
President, Mattapoisett PTA 2016 – 17

The Mattapoisett PTA is a volunteer, non-profit organization open to all parents, teachers and community members. Find out more…