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President’s Letter

Dear Mattapoisett Families,

I can’t believe this school year has come to an end, as well as my last term as President of the PTA. I have been a member of the PTA for several years prior to serving as the Vice President for 3 years and the President for 2 years.  After many wonderful years, my time has come to an end.  I have 4 children, 3 of which will no longer be in the elementary school system in September 2016.  I would like to assist the Junior High School as well as the Senior High school with their new PTA they are trying to establish.  With that said, I truly believe they are many parents in our elementary schools that would do an amazing job serving as a board member on the Mattapoisett PTA.

My hope is a group of you will decide to take it over and continue to allow our children to have the amazing Arts & Humanities programs that they need and love.  These programs supplement the learning our children are receiving in the classroom.  They are able to see what they have learned in person, ask questions, meet authors, visit aquariums, museums and so much more.  

Lisa Wright my amazing Vice President or really co-president is also stepping down.  

 Please don’t be afraid of taking the step to join!!  Without volunteers the PTA will no longer be able to raise the money for  these programs.   

 As parents in the world today we are all very busy. Let that not be a reason to shy away from joining.  Our children are only little once, this is your chance to be a positive impact on their education.  The work we have done has always left us feeling satisfied and fulfilled knowing we are  giving     back to our teachers and children that give us so many laughs, love and smiles.  I honestly can say being a part of the Mattapoisett PTA for  so  many years has always made my heart feel happy.

Please feel free to call or email either Lisa or myself with any questions.  Please see our website for many other open positions as well as all the programs the PTA supports.  As of now there will not be a PTA during the 2016-2017 school year unless we have volunteers willing to step up.  

Krissy Higgins & Lisa Wright

We thank you in advance for your support!
Kristen Higgins Khiggins43@verizon.net
Lisa Wright L66wright@gmail.com